New Vancouver Wine Tasting Room with woman drinking Washington wine
Woman enjoying wine in a Vancouver Waterfront tasting room
Wine on the Waterfront, Valo Logo in Vancouver Washington
Valo is an emerging Washington winery making its debut on the Vancouver Waterfront Development this year. An early 90 point review of its 2018 Chardonnay from Tanzer declared it a “seriously good Chardonnay with lively, all-natural acidity and noteworthy palate presence.” With two years of vintages from well-known Washington vineyards in the Royal Slope region, Valo looks forward to becoming a well-known name on the Washington wine scene.
New Washington Winery Valo, Reserve bottles


Valo wines are designed to showcase the purity of Washington grapes. We focus on Bordeaux and Rhône variety wines as well as Burgundian style Chardonnays. With our main focus on Washington grapes, we are also excited to create Pinot Noirs from both sides of the Columbia Valley as a way to enjoy, compare, and contrast the strengths of Washington and Oregon Pinots.

Washington grapes from Conner Lee vineyward in black and white
black and white washington grapes from Conner Lee vineyard
New Washington Winery Valo, Reserve bottles
Valo sources grapes from Lawrence Vineyards—including the well-known Conner Lee Vineyard. These vineyards are located in the Royal Slope area of Washington, a semi-arid desert found in the Columbia Valley. Valo is proud to use vineyard sources that practice sustainable farming techniques.