Our Syrah is peppery with great notes of dark berry so we wanted to mimic those flavors in this grilled cheese sandwich. The blueberries and rosemary are a rather unexpected, but delightful pairing with the blueberries giving just a hint of sweet balance to the sandwich, but mostly adding a lovely tartness.

Rustic grain bread
Sliced onion
Havarti cheese
Cracked black pepper

To Make
Cut the pancetta into 1/2″ pieces, then crisp in a skillet. Once it is crisped, caramelize the onions and rosemary in the pancetta drippings. While they are cooking, cut a handful of blueberries in half. Butter the outside of your bread. Layer the sandwich with slices of havarti cheese on the bottom, the crisped pancetta, cracked black pepper, the rosemary onion mixture, and last, the cut blueberries. Cook according to normal grilled cheese specifications.